what is a concept?

This afternoon I gave a twenty-minute talk answering as best I could the question: what is a concept?  My friend and Freehoodship colleague, Leslie, comes up with these topics and I love her for it.  Highlights from the talk: “we should treat our concepts more like jungle gyms to be played on and less like nautilus exercise machines that only allow for repetitive motions.”  And: “concepts are like ice cubes in the water of thinking — they melt and reform in the flow.”  Lowlights: most of the rest of the talk.  It was one of those days when I felt a country mile short of eloquent.  I apologize to concepts everywhere for so poorly representing your extraordinary, world creating work.


One Mission Note

  1. Leslie

    You did really well; I think those quotes were great highlights, for sure, and you planted some good seeds. Understanding concepts helps us to understand how we see the world…and why we react/respond the way we do. The question now is: how do we begin to control and organize our concepts so that we can be responsive in place of reactive?

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