psychic space and world space

Tension and anxiety or anxiety and tension — I’m too tense and anxious to choose, I mean, too anxious and tense to choose, I mean, I mean, both, neither?  Isn’t it amazing how even having to make the most trivial choices can upset the sensitive soul.  Shoot, the sensitive soul doesn’t even need to be facing a choice to be tense and anxious.  More and more of us, I have noticed, have souls like this.  I see it in my students.  I see it in my colleagues.  We at The Freehoodship seek to strengthen our sensitive souls without dulling their sensitivity.  Sensitive is good, but it helps for sanity’s sake if the sensitivity can distinguish between the self and not self, which is to say, can I know when I’m sensing something in someone else as opposed to in myself.  All missions that are designed to take psychic inventory or to investigate the estuary-like interaction between psychic space and world space work towards this sort of objective sensitivity.  The mission at Sunrise Mall was a preliminary effort at this sort of mission.  There will be more to come.

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