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Or not.  Unless, that is, we can first of all usurp the “thing kings” in our thinking, to paraphrase a poem of mine.  What does that usurpation mean exactly?  It means we must get beyond applying spacial or object thinking — “thinging” everything — to non-spacial realities such as concepts and feelings, which are not to be found somewhere in our brains, though certainly many scientists would like them to be!  Even our brain is not just to be found in our brain, for it is not fully a brain without our nerves, our body and all that supports us, in other words, the whole of reality.  If we can get that out of our thick heads, and the spacial bias of that expression too, we’ll be more likely to be creative in our thinking.  Exercises in creative cognition, found in various spiritual traditions, are all about achieving just that.

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