Mission 6: Superpowers

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Ask your friends and family – at least ten people (including your Oracle) – to help you identify your superpowers.

Why?  Because who doesn’t want to be told about their superpowers?  You may even discover that what you thought was a personal weakness is in fact the root cause of one of the greatest superpowers of all: compassion, which, if you didn’t know, means to “suffer with.”

4 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    After aggregating the unbelievably generous feedback of my friends Robin, Dunja, Johannes, Edgard, Cari, Amy, Adrienne, Julie, Nathan, Joe, Leslie, Kelly, Simon, Beth, Keenan, Francesca, Craig, Stasia, and Cynthia, I discovered that a few superpowers are there for more than one of you to see: truth-seeking, integrity-possessing, BS detecting, courageously my own way going (I’m sounding like Yoda, here), word crafting, commitment-making, and being kind. Counter-intuitively, this whole process has made me feel extremely humble, not to mention, over-whelmed with gratitude. The photo below demonstrates how I feel! Thank you all for seeing me with such gazes of abundance!

  2. Keenan Hand

    I was very humbled to find that the things that scare me were what others saw as a strength. Thank you to all my guides in life!

  3. Morgan Elizabeth Heringer

    from beau, abi, alison, franny, stephen, ethan, anna leah, andrew:

    bravery, does not take crap from anyone, crazily creative, strong convictions, doesnt give a f**** about what other people think, inspiring, fantastic music human, “you are so you,” honest, dependable, intelligent, talented, letter writing, soul soothing, voice which cuts through artifice, speaks uniquely, honestly and poetically, resolve, doesnt get swept along by the crowd or the ocean of conformity, a “beautiful, transcendent fierceness, disarmingly because you might come across as shy, which makes the fierceness and strength more striking,” strength of songwriting, fluidity and flow of thinking which makes connections between disparate things and making sense of them as a whole, good at stepping back and allowing others to do their things, magnetism- you draw people in without much effort because you have things to say and are saying them, open, good listen, good communicator, expressing the complexity of life in a clear and comforting way, translating the substance ergo importance of spirituality, your eyes are open, mastery of the written word…

    i was surprised how often people brought up some type of “nonconformism” about me. are other people conforming to things that im just not aware of? i will have to think more about what this means…

  4. Josef S

    After asking friends, family, and my oracle, the feedback was relatively clear:
    In this life I’ve been given the powers of finding or summoning in a roundabout way.
    Like calling things into existence with the length of time it takes roughly based upon its relative magnitude.

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