Mission 4: World Candle

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 Having lit your own candle, now light the “world candle,” which is to say, watch a sunrise with your friends and family.  Coordinate with others in different time zones for more dynamos.  Why not gather a group of world-candle lighters to “light” the sun in all 24 time zones on the same day?

Why?  Because the inner must become the outer: the inner light represented by your candle becomes, in mission #4, the outer light represented by the rising sun.  You are now fully kindled for action!

16 Mission Notes

  1. Ben Klocek

    Just as sunrise was happening (behind the stormy clouds) 200 Canadian geese chose to take flight, swirling and calling above us. And the pouring rain stopped.

  2. Andrew Sullivan

    We gathered, the Fair Oaks Branch of the 24 Time Zone Sunrise, at Sunrise on December 22, 2012 — it was pouring rain at this spot overlooking the American River, but we all had a wonderful time! Mission #4 completed!

  3. Andrew Sullivan

    Here I am checking my watch to see if it is indeed 7:19am: sunrise!

  4. Jeff Barnum

    Here’s an awesome sunrise I saw while flying to Calgary. Wow. I get extra dynamos for being in the upper atmosphere at sunrise!

  5. Keenan Hand

    My partner and I started the new year by witnessing the World Candle in the foothills above Denver. It snowed on our way down and the misty mountains revealed themselves in a quiet glory. Two deer showed us the way up to our vista point. Happy New Year!

  6. Sarah Truong

    A little bit higher in the sky, but sunrise non the least. Take with my family on the airplane from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City.

  7. Josef S

    At 0718 PST to 0738 PST my family and friends experienced the sunrise this morning. My father wrote a series of poems ad hoc, my mother was grateful, my brother was waking up, one sister may have been asleep with child, while the other sister was helping her child get ready for school. My wife and I stood in a field filled with fog and waited for the sun to rise above the trees and break through the mist – a tiny white light sitting in the twigs. All in all, I was grateful to reach out to my family and ask them to share a sunrise together, and they were grateful too.

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