Mission 26: Greatest Mission

Mission Status: LoadingIn Progress

Complete your greatest mission and in so doing, tackle at least one of the extra challenges.  Ask your Oracle and Ancestral Oracle for help.  And finally, the night before you begin the mission, take a quiet moment in your imagination to return to the stars from which you came and weave out of their collective starriness a cape of light.  Put the cape over your shoulders.  Feel yourself grow in strength, courage, and love.  Finally, fly back to earth, the golden cape streaming behind you like the tail of a comet.  Set your feet firmly on earth. You are now ready for your greatest mission!   When it is completed, add it to the Mission Archive.

Why?  Because you’re ready!

5 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    Having just put on the shirt with my personal symbol (the freehoodship logo) before my greatest mission: The First International Leaf Catching Tournament!

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