Mission 21: Develop Yourself

Mission Status: LoadingIn Progress

With the help of your Oracle, identify and develop a quality in yourself that you feel will serve humankind.

Why?  Because the great heroes have always consciously sought to develop themselves for the sake of better serving humanity and nature.

One Mission Note

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    My oracle, Robin Hill, recommended I develop my sense of humor to put at the service of humankind. She wasn’t, I think, suggesting I have no sense of humor, but that I should further develop the quasi-semi-extraordinary sense I already have. Anyway, even before Robin made this suggestion, I had began working with my friend, Jessica Cohen, to lead the comedy club at the Sacramento Waldorf school. Here is a portion of a monologue I delivered to the club this past Wednesday: “So yesterday I was playing whiffle ball in the backyard with my buddy — he was pitching and I was hitting. It was the bottom of the ninth inning: there were two outs; the bases were loaded and the count was full. I was losing by three runs. If I were to hit a home run over the backyard fence I would win. The crowd noise in my head was deafening! As I was waiting for buddy’s pitch, perspiration accumulating on my forehead, I remembered all those years playing in Major Leagues when I imagined hitting a home run at just this moment.”

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