Mission 2: Find your Oracle

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Find your Oracle.

Why?  Because heroes, from the beginning of heroism, have had a wise mentors to guide them as their adventures unfold.  Your Oracle should be someone over fifty years old who can offer you wisdom, guidance, and a variety of different perspectives to get the most out of your missions.  He or she will be one of the first three people who come to mind – most likely someone who is a hero of yours, someone you think of with reverence.

10 Mission Notes

  1. Samantha

    Boom! There she is! First one I thought of. It’s time to reconnect.

  2. Jeff Barnum

    I know who my oracle is, but he’s really my mentor and friend. I’m lucky he agreed to mentor me fifteen years ago. Bless his socks!

  3. Andrew Sullivan

    Robin Hill and I toasting our Oracle/Novice Hero relationship on the momentous evening of January 19, 2013. I look forward to her advice and help as my Adventure unfolds.

  4. Jenell Heimbach

    I’m stuck on this one. It’s just going to have to continue to be nature, books, and the people around me. Think I still have some growing to do!

  5. Sarah Truong

    There she is. I think right about her. Vietnamese, around 70s. The answer to all of my worries.

  6. Nathan Heintz

    My Oracle is on this thread! I’m actually headed to his house right now. I don’t think he’s 50 yet, but he will be soon enough! ;-)

  7. Josef S

    Thor, my Father in Law. Designer, Maker, Spirtual Leader, Tearer down of Walls, and Builder of Intentional Spaces.

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