Mission 19: Create Connections

Mission Status: LoadingIn Progress

Create more interconnectedness.

Why?  Because the more interconnected a community, the more resilient and healthy.

8 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    From their inception, The Freehoodship website and community and the “Missions that Matter” course at Rudolf Steiner College have had the creation of connections as a major purpose and have been successful in achieving that purpose. Evidence of this success is The Freehoodship’s recent collaboration with the Capital Region Women’s Conference.

  2. Andrew Sullivan

    Another shot from the women’s conference where The Freehoodship designed the interactive mission element of the conference: “The Health and Wealthness Adventure.”

  3. Sarah Truong

    Going with my parents to a fair in Seoul. Interesting people, I have to say. I never know that human connections can be this great. I spoke English, they spoke Korean, we still can talk and even exchange gifts.

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