Mission 17: Right View

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Find the beautiful in three unlikely places.  It must be a particular something no one has noticed in the history of the world.

Why?  Because developing unflappable positivity is essential for any hero.  The Buddha called this positivity “Right View” and made it the first step of his amazingly effective hero creation protocol:  The Eightfold Path.

6 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    Lily and I found these oak leaves that look like wings attached to a stucco wall — beautiful and unlikely!

  2. Andrew Sullivan

    I looked out the window of the family office room as I was preparing for the new school year and saw something “right viewish.” I went out the door to see it more closely and encountered this beautiful sight on the way.

  3. Andrew Sullivan

    And this is what I found at the gate after I walked the pavers strewn with more blossoms: more blossoms in a cobweb. I love the rusty iron, the corrugated iron, and the hinge in the image, too.

  4. Sarah Truong

    I got this view when suddenly look down on my way to the hotel in Can Gio Beach, a place in Vietnam. Wonder if anybody look dow too.

  5. Sarah Truong

    Instead of look down, this time I look up under a tree. This is the first maple tree that I see and sit under.

  6. Sarah Truong

    I was helping to clean up the yard to prepare for the Student Day when I found this. Surprise, surprise. Wonder what will come out.

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