Mission 11: Eat Local

Mission Status: LoadingIn Progress

 For a week and as much as possible, eat what’s in season and local.  Involve your friends.  Learn at least one new recipe.  Share what you discover and any unusual dreams you have during the week.

Why?  Because understanding the cycles of growing and harvesting in your own community will help you become a leader in reducing epidemic levels of nature deficit disorder.

3 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    I’m beginning tomorrow to eat what’s in season and local — not sure how many friends are going to join me — my family is though. I’m posting a photo of my local breakfast: fermented veggies from Sacto; avocado from Mexico (whoops!); eggs from our chickens; carrots, kale, & chard from Salinas; olive oil from Yolo County; butter from Sonoma County. Delicious!

  2. Andrew Sullivan

    Just finished my week of eating as locally as possible; I think I had few too many Larabars (from Colorado) to make the week exceptionally local. The family and I did however feast on various goodies from the local farmers’ market at Carmichael Park, including the chicken pictured below. By the way, local gluten free pastas are difficult to find.

  3. Sarah Truong

    Local eating? This is something that cannot be more local. The rice wrapper, meat, veggies, oil to fry, rice noodles all came from the near by market. Home is the best!

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