Mission #3 Nearing Completion

I’ve just finished my week of gratitude — the first part of mission #3: each day, I have documented, on the freehoodship facebook page, three things for which I’m grateful.  The second part of the mission now demands that I do some action in the world that supports one of the things for which I have been grateful this past week.  I have chosen to organize a trash pick-up on Sunday, January 13, in and around the Oak Grove, a beautiful spot and place for which I was grateful on the American River Parkway near the Sacramento Waldorf School.  If you want to participate, see the Freehoodship facebook page for details.  This Freehoodship event is co-sponsored by Waste And Vice Elimination Squad (WAVES), North America’s greatest practitioners of the humblest of arts, trash pick-up.  Their famous motto: “Live on the face of the earth, not in earth’s face.”

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