Games That Transform Culture

At the moment, I’m multi-tasking with my Freehoodship activities: I’m performing Mission #3 of The Freehoodship Adventure and last night I met with my “Games That Transform Culture” class at Rudolf Steiner College.  It’s not really a class in the normal sense, which is to say, I’m not mainly functioning as a teacher downloading a particular content, but I’m more facilitating a process to develop a Freehoodship-style alternate reality game in and around Sacramento.  At our first meeting, we decided we would spend our time in the coming months developing a series of missions by having each participant in the course take the lead in developing one.  When we are not taking the lead, we serve as a support staff and brain-storming crew for the lead developer.  And as an aid to our brainstorming in the coming months, we will be reading and studying selected texts from the work of Rudolf Steiner and others.  For next Monday, we are reading the third chapter of Steiner’s The Spiritual Foundation of Morality.  I leave you with a teaser from page 61 of this chapter: “Right interest, right understanding, calls forth from the soul the right moral action.”

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