Mission 38: Sunset Reflection

Watch the sunset with your friends and family.  Reflect on your adventure.  Wow! Wow! And wow!  You and your brethren are now ready to take on the greatest challenge of our age – nothing less than world transformation!  Give your dynamos away to the PlayTheCall Dynamo Commons. Why?  Because the sunset signifies, in the grandest… Read more »

Mission 37: Ritual

Create a simple (or elaborate) ritual of farewell.  Also, in preparation for the beginning of your next, more epic, adventure, create a ritual greeting. Why?  Because hellos and goodbyes are important, though often neglected, moments of the day.  A hero must learn to be an artist of beginnings and endings.

Mission 36: Revision Waste

With your friends, construct something beautiful by repurposing other people’s junk or garbage. Look for stuff people are giving away – there’s lots of it.  Once you have made something spectacular, find a loving home for it somewhere in your community. Why?  Because heroes today must learn to perform perceptual alchemy, to see abundance, beauty,… Read more »