Mission 24: Ancestral Oracle

Choose your Ancestral Oracle.  He or she could be either a family member who has died or a figure from history – someone you admire, a hero of yours.  Draw a portrait of this person. Why?  Because heroes also value and trust in the inspiration of those who have come before.

Mission 23: Grow reverence

With a group of friends, attend three different religious services – make sure all three are from completely different religious traditions, that is, you shouldn’t choose three different sects of Christianity or Islam.  Attend the ceremonies with reverence, respect, and open-mindedness. Why?  Because we are to be leaders in a reverence revolution!

Mission 22: Symbol

Create a simple and beautiful personal symbol in the language of earth, water, air, or fire.  Draw it on the front of a t-shirt so it rests over your heart.  You will wear this shirt when you complete your greatest mission. Why?  Because learning to think symbolically develops the imagination, which is essential for creativity… Read more »

Mission 21: Develop Yourself

With the help of your Oracle, identify and develop a quality in yourself that you feel will serve humankind. Why?  Because the great heroes have always consciously sought to develop themselves for the sake of better serving humanity and nature.