Mission 16: Invisible Agents

Go to a library or bookstore or somewhere with books.  Find three books at random – trust your feet to take you to the right book. Open each book to a page at random – trust your fingers to take you to the right page.  Find one sentence on each of those pages at random… Read more »

Mission 15: Giveaway

Give something away to which you’re just a little too attached.  Get others to do the same thing.  Donate items to a charity or directly to those in need. Why?  Because the more you consciously give away, the more will come your way.

Mission 14: Moon & Stars

With a group of friends, watch the moon rise and learn, on another less moon-bright evening, to identify three constellations in the night sky. Why?  Because being outside at night is super fun and a hero must learn how to deeply consider all aspects of life, including the night.  And also, because “consider” means “with… Read more »

Mission 13: Threshold

With a few friends, walk through a neighborhood or village you’ve never walked through and that you perhaps consider dangerous or weird or that you just don’t know much about.  Meet at least three people who live or work in this neighborhood or village.  Invite them to speak about what they love about their neighborhood… Read more »