Mission 12: Nature Lesson

Like a druid, learn something from nature. Why?  Because wise people everywhere have always respected nature as a great teacher.

Mission 11: Eat Local

 For a week and as much as possible, eat what’s in season and local.  Involve your friends.  Learn at least one new recipe.  Share what you discover and any unusual dreams you have during the week. Why?  Because understanding the cycles of growing and harvesting in your own community will help you become a leader… Read more »

Mission 10: Generational

With friends, learn a new skill from an elder in your community that you can then put in service of nature for at least four hours. Why?  Because healthy communities are linked across all generations and all kingdoms of nature and heroes understand this and work to strengthen those links.

Mission 9: Tread Lightly

Do something simple and ongoing to lessen the Bigfoot-like bigness of your carbon footprint. Why?  Because even the smallest and simplest actions all heroes strive to align with their deepest concerns.