Mission 8: Tree

Plant at least one native tree and create a symbiotic relationship with it.  Can you help at least ten friends to do the same thing?  One hundred?  Can you create a new forest of friends and a new fully biodiverse forest? Why?  Because the landmass of the earth used to be 75% trees and now… Read more »

Mission 7: Top Secret

Perform a top secret, ninja-style anonymous solo act of kindness for someone you barely know.  Tell no one it was you, not even your future grandchildren or great-grandchildren.  Post nothing.  Take the knowledge of your kindness happily to your grave.   Why?  Because heroes wean themselves from performing actions for the sake of recognition.  Instead,… Read more »

Mission 6: Superpowers

Ask your friends and family – at least ten people (including your Oracle) – to help you identify your superpowers. Why?  Because who doesn’t want to be told about their superpowers?  You may even discover that what you thought was a personal weakness is in fact the root cause of one of the greatest superpowers… Read more »

Mission 5: Laugh at Yourself

 Learn to laugh at yourself by doing something you’re guaranteed to fail to do “successfully” for at least one hour. Of course, don’t risk your life. Share your three most spectacular failures. Why? Because it develops crazy capacities of stick-with-it-ness and helps you overcome “preconceived outcome addiction,” which gets in the way of real creativity… Read more »