Mission 4: World Candle

 Having lit your own candle, now light the “world candle,” which is to say, watch a sunrise with your friends and family.  Coordinate with others in different time zones for more dynamos.  Why not gather a group of world-candle lighters to “light” the sun in all 24 time zones on the same day? Why?  Because… Read more »

Mission 3: Gratitude

Each morning for a week, write down three things for which you are grateful.  At the end of the week, do something big or small in support of at least one of the things for which you were/are grateful. Why?  Because gratitude and making your ideas your ideals are fundamental for any process of initiation,… Read more »

Mission 2: Find your Oracle

Find your Oracle. Why?  Because heroes, from the beginning of heroism, have had a wise mentors to guide them as their adventures unfold.  Your Oracle should be someone over fifty years old who can offer you wisdom, guidance, and a variety of different perspectives to get the most out of your missions.  He or she… Read more »

Mission 1: Light a Candle

Light a candle. Why?  Because it signifies your commitment to The Freehoodship adventure.  Furthermore, with your candle lit (your inner fire), you can see where you are going in the inevitable patches of darkness and find others on the adventure whose candles are also lit.