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Integration And Segregation

Two days ago, on Martin Luther King Day, I read the obituary of James Hood in the Sacramento Bee.  Mr. Hood is remembered mostly for having been brave enough to be one of the first two black students to enroll at the University of Alabama in June, 1963.  At that time, George Wallace was governor… Read more »

The Phenomenon of Self-Tracking

Two days ago I think it was, I was listening to “Talk of the Nation” on NPR as I was driving home from school and heard a snippet of a conversation on the growing popularity of self-tracking or self-monitoring, which, for those of you who don’t know, involves using smart phones and other electronic devices… Read more »

Today’s the Day to Complete Mission #3

It’s freezing this morning!  The newspaper says the low last night was well below freezing, well below, that is, for us sensitive folks in the Sacramento Valley who are impressed by four or five degrees below freezing.  I’m hoping the cold doesn’t keep people away from helping me pick up garbage in and around the… Read more »

Mission #3 Nearing Completion

I’ve just finished my week of gratitude — the first part of mission #3: each day, I have documented, on the freehoodship facebook page, three things for which I’m grateful.  The second part of the mission now demands that I do some action in the world that supports one of the things for which I… Read more »

Games That Transform Culture

At the moment, I’m multi-tasking with my Freehoodship activities: I’m performing Mission #3 of The Freehoodship Adventure and last night I met with my “Games That Transform Culture” class at Rudolf Steiner College.  It’s not really a class in the normal sense, which is to say, I’m not mainly functioning as a teacher downloading a… Read more »

integration trumps compartmentalizaton

Just before the inauguration of the new year, I had a great conversation with my friend, Marlies, about how human beings are less and less able to compartmentalize, that is, live double, triple, quadruple (you insert the number) lives without suffering.  To be healthy and not just normal (to play on the title of Georg… Read more »

Creating A Little Context For The Freehoodship

(This post was originally an article in Lilipoh) Almost a year ago, I read Jane McGonigal’s New York Times bestseller, Reality is Broken, published in 2011, not simply for its provocative title, but also for its insider’s take on the social phenomenon that is online gaming.  In her book, she argues that reality is broken… Read more »

Rules for Missions

The Freehoodship Adventure uses a slightly altered version of the rules for PlayTheCall: “missions must be fast (no rushing), free (no money), and fun (only tears of joy).  Document and share them.  If a mission seems like too much, downsize it.  If it seems too small and humdrum, make it big and brilliant.  If necessary,… Read more »