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beyond retinal seeing

In Volker Harlan’s interview with the artist Joseph Beuys, Beuys refers to our habit of “retinal seeing” not only as it relates to visual art, but also to the rest of the world, including each other.  According to Beuys, this sort of seeing is superficial, passive, and cold.  He insists that only a more active,… Read more »

further freedom research

From the title of this blog one not familiar with my writing and the ethos of the freehoodship would be little surprised if I were now to launch into some patriotic USA chanting disguised has reasoned argument; I am not going to do this.  Like Thoreau, I think patriotism or nationalism of any sort is… Read more »

more on heroism

I was reading Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” today with a class of 12th graders when we came upon the following lines: “And there is no trade or employment but the young man [or woman — Whitman wouldn’t object] following it may become a hero.”  What he said made me immediately think of the previous… Read more »


I’m a bit ambivalent about the use of the word “hero” on this website and in modern culture generally.  For some reason, a part of me cringes nearly every time I hear it.  This reaction may be because I think we use the term too easily, as though we’ve all been infected with the “everyone-gets-a-trophy”… Read more »

the evokateur

For a long time I’ve thought of myself as an interventionist artist or artist provocateur (on a very small scale, mind you), but I’ve come to realize lately that my approach, my purpose, and my values are less about needling and provoking and more about inviting and evoking  — a more subtle sort of intervention,… Read more »

a brief history of truth

  a brief history of truth   Once truth was something gods had made. A feather, we’re told, was all it weighed.   Later, truth was explained with waves and particles That made up stacks of peer-reviewed articles.   Then truth became so damn individual, Our brash egotism an effect vestigial.   Now we yearn… Read more »

the complexification of the dime

In fulfilling mission #20 I had a moment last year of synchronicity or grace involving a dime (see blog entry: “the mystery of the penny made clear by the dime”).  I mention this because  the dime has recently returned and once again as an explicit emissary of some supersensible implicate order.  Interestingly enough, the dime… Read more »

the evolution of consciousness in real time

A high school English classroom, that bastion of standard usage and hackneyed “man versus nature” hermeneutics, is not often confused with a cutting edge research institute.  And yet, in my fifteen years of high school English teaching, I have felt myself to be at the cutting edge, privy to some of the freshest phenomena in… Read more »

on becoming a co-creator of reality

Whenever I teach about the nature of the imagination, I almost always start by presenting a particular kind of image, a gestalt image, to illustrate how we as human beings perceive the world.  It’s one of those sorts of images that seemingly change their appearance while we look at them.  Most often, I use an… Read more »