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confidence and insecurity

Having worked for some fifteen years as a high school teacher, I have an excellent radar for irony.  I, myself, enjoy healthy servings of the stuff, though I try to follow Rilke’s lead in not becoming too familiar with it in uncreative moments.  And of course, irony only really works if we human beings are… Read more »

Missions #5 & #8

This weekend I planted trees (mission #8) with a Caltrans mandated hardhat, goggles, and reflective vest and also failed spectacularly for an hour at something I was guaranteed to fail to do successfully (mission #5).  A few days earlier, I had chosen to fail spectacularly at drawing a perfect circle, freehand.  The other option I… Read more »

The Extra Challenges

the six continent challenge: involve at least one person from six continents in a mission. the eight-decade challenge:  involve people whose ages fall into eight different decades in a mission. the four kingdoms challenge:  involve all four kingdoms – the mineral, plant, animal, and human – in a mission. the invisibles challenge:  involve at least… Read more »

The Freehoodship Adventure Mission Statement

each and every iota of our every mission shall be not good, nor great, nor excellent, but funtacular (fun and spectacular)! seemingly strange and relatively pointless missions shall test and develop the superpower of an open mind and heart boredom has prepared us for real excitement, anxiety for real contentment, alienation for real compassion, meaninglessness… Read more »