Rules for Missions

The Freehoodship Adventure uses a slightly altered version of the rules for PlayTheCall: “missions must be fast (no rushing), free (no money), and fun (only tears of joy).  Document and share them.  If a mission seems like too much, downsize it.  If it seems too small and humdrum, make it big and brilliant.  If necessary, you may do more than one mission at a time and change the order of the missions, just don’t put the butterfly before the cocoon or try to run before you crawl.  You earn more dynamos (self-administered pats on the back) by including more people in your missions (unless the particular mission demands a ninja solo effort).  You also earn more dynamos (further self-administered pats on the back) for people “liking” your missions and how you document their completion.  Mysterious starry dynamos are earned by tackling the extra challenges (see the next bog post).  Philosophers have told you what a hero is.  Storytellers have shown you what a hero does.  The Freehoodship will allow you to become the hero you are!”

The Freehoodship Adventure Mission Statement

each and every iota of our every mission shall be not good, nor great, nor excellent, but funtacular (fun and spectacular)!

seemingly strange and relatively pointless missions shall test and develop the superpower of an open mind and heart

boredom has prepared us for real excitement, anxiety for real contentment, alienation for real compassion, meaninglessness for real meaning

all experiences and people shall be our teachers, allies, and friends

all missions and their documentation shall demand our personal flare, our artistry, our self-trust

if we seek abundance and beauty, there it shall be

we shall freely and lovingly play our adventure

we shall make minor and not so minor miracles

Let’s make 2013 the year of the free spirit!

Though I originally wrote this a few weeks ago, it still rings true for me this day after Christmas, 2012: “Let’s make 2013 the year of the free spirit, but less the free spirit who wakes up each morning not knowing what to do or what will happen next, and more the one whose whole life has been silently and perhaps only half-consciously angling for years toward a series of creative and unconventional actions motivated solely by an inexplicable love to see them realized.  Instead of another year of improved means to unimproved ends, to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, I challenge us all to improve the means and the ends.  With this in mind, I have decided to address my means and ends in 2013 by creating The Freehoodship with my friend, Ben Klocek, and by resolving to perform/play/experience the 38 missions I recently designed for the world-wide Alternate Reality Game PlayTheCall, which was just launched on December 21, 2012.  I invite anyone and everyone to join me or support me in this enterprise.”