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Whenever I meet people I haven’t seen in a while and they ask me what I’m up to these days, I find it difficult to answer.  I haven’t yet mastered a spiel to describe the Freehoodship project, though I must say I’ve never been very good at spiels.  Regardless, I want to be able to express aptly what I’m doing and in a few sentences distinguish a Freehoodship mission from other socially conscious Alternate Reality Game missions.  Here’s a stab: I think it has to do with our tireless examination of fixed forms of consciousness, our habit-prodding, so to speak.  It also has to do with our worldview that sees no limits to consciousness, not to mention our view of human beings as co-authors of reality — and when I say reality, I mean one that includes the supersensible, the anomalous, the synchronous, the karmic, the transpersonal, the esoteric, and and and even reductionism (either religious or scientific) and blind skepticism, which are very local realities for very many people.  That’s it!  The Freehoodship wants missions to send us beyond the borders of our provincial realities, not into darkness, but into richness!

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