Heroes are made, not born.

We, the Freehoodship, are a fellowship of novice heroes who freely dedicate ourselves to an interventionist art-based Augmented Reality Adventure of indeterminate length. The overriding purpose of this adventure is to increase the local and global truth, beauty, and goodness quotients, as well as anything else we find evolutionarily important.

We invite you to join us in this adventure and in declaring the age of the onlooker officially over!

The Call + more

Greetings, Novice Hero! We are so happy you have heard, along with your brothers and sisters, your gifted generation, this seven continent call, this tap-on-the-shoulder-of-your-heart invitation, to realize your dreams through play, creativity, and joy – a call and invitation you had only forgotten that you were expecting. This is a turning point in time. And though you may not know it, you are ready! You have brought with you from the stars vast galactic reservoirs of strength, courage, and light. They are not only over-flowing in you, they’ve got your back! Our earth, she has been expecting you. She loves what you are and what you will be. Light your candle – your life, itself, is now to become an adventure!
Mission 3: Gratitude 22 Mission Notes
Mission 4: World Candle 16 Mission Notes

Doubts + more

At the beginning of every hero’s adventure, there may be doubts, even if your flame has grown to the size of a minor supernova. The next 4 missions are designed to help you have fun with your doubts, overcome your doubts, live with your doubts, and proclaim, "doubts shmoubts!"
Mission 6: Superpowers 4 Mission Notes
Mission 8: Tree 2 Mission Notes

The Learning + more

The next 4 missions of your adventure will help you find new inner and outer strength as you prepare for future, greater, funtacular challenges. Endeavor to learn as much as you can from your environment, your experiences, and those you meet. However, its okay and important to take some time each day to do nothing – it’s then that magic occurs!
Mission 11: Eat Local 3 Mission Notes

Apprentice Hero + more

Congratulations, Novice Hero, you have now earned the right to join the ranks of Apprentice Heroes. The next four missions will help you cross this threshold, a threshold that every hero must somehow cross.
Mission 13: Threshold 13 Mission Notes
Mission 15: Giveaway 4 Mission Notes

The Trials + more

You will be tested, Apprentice Hero, as you find your way in the new world that will be opening up to you during the next 4 missions. You will meet new challenges and new people who might present challenges – think of them not as enemies or competitors but as teachers and collaborators; that is key! Also, trust that help will come to you when you least expect it and most need it! Remember, the lion got help from the mouse, not the other way around.
Mission 17: Right View 6 Mission Notes

The Preparation + more

Apprentice hero, the next four missions are preparation – (think courage muscle and heart muscle exercises) for an upcoming mission, which will be your greatest so far.
Mission 22: Symbol 1 Mission Note

The Funtacular Mission + more

Your greatest mission, Apprentice hero, is now imminent! First, one more mission of preparation to purify and strengthen your intention.

Celebration + more

Was what you did for your greatest mission funtacular and amazing to the eighth power? Darn right it was, Apprentice Hero! Congratulations! Your reward is 10 starry dynamos!
Mission 27: Dance! 1 Mission Note

The Road Back + more

On the archetypal hero’s journey, this moment is often called the “The Road Back.” In the next 3 missions you will reflect on your actions, learn the stages of the coming-into-being of things, and help heal or keep healthy a waterway that has, for thousands of years, brought home heroes after their adventures.
Mission 31: From Scratch
Mission 32: River Love

Transformation + more

Apprentice hero, in this stage of your adventure, you will feel yourself being reborn as someone new and more amazing. Your inner Gandalf the Grey is alchemically transforming into Gandalf the White!
Mission 33: Grow
Mission 34: Hands in Earth
Mission 35: Unite the Separated

Superherohood + more

You are now a superhero. You are receiving a multi-dimensional, multi-wavelength, world-wide standing ovation with a cherry on top!
Mission 36: Revision Waste
Mission 37: Ritual
Mission 38: Sunset Reflection