Mission 3: Gratitude

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Each morning for a week, write down three things for which you are grateful.  At the end of the week, do something big or small in support of at least one of the things for which you were/are grateful.

Why?  Because gratitude and making your ideas your ideals are fundamental for any process of initiation, and a hero’s adventure is the most funtacular process of initiation.

21 Mission Notes

  1. Andrew Sullivan

    This morning, January 13, 2013, a group of seven of us (Megan is not in the photo because she took it; Miles refused to be in it because he’s in a kindergarten phase) went out to Oak Grove and surrounds on the American River Parkway to pick up trash — thankfully, there wasn’t much. It was cold, but beautiful and we had a great time! Mission #3 complete! Those in the photo from left to right: Stasia, Manny, Andrew, Lily, & Rosa

  2. Andrew Sullivan

    On my second day (January 5) of writing three things for which I was grateful, “sauntering out to the Oak Grove with mugwort leaf scrolls up my nose” was #2. It was for this reason that I organized the trash pick-up in the Oak Grove.

  3. Jeff Barnum

    I have completed my week of gratitudes: day 1: my wife and girls, anthroposophy, light; day 2: my life, the girls’ lives, my mentor; day 3: music, best friends from earlier and later in life, important teachers I’ve met; day 4: important teachers I’ve read, my companies (Magenta and Reos), my parents; day 5: nature and weather, the manifest intelligence that shapes nature, trees; day 6: differing skin colors, art and culture of all kinds, rhythm; day 7: the possibility of self-transformation, memory, silence. Now I will think of something that I will do in support of at least one of these things. More soon!

  4. Louisa

    day 1: my new organic bed, day without kids who are back at school, my bathrobe. Day 2: Steiner, Klocek, and the clear sky (no mold growth today). Day 3: Steiner, Klocek – again, my very soft and lovely bed. Day 4: my children, my husband, and our various loving and sweet pets. Day 5: my children, my husband, so much love everywhere. Day 6: my morning cup of tea, my husband and my children. I do tend to be repetitive. Day 7: Steiner and his teaching me how to separate out the essential from the inessential; my recent completion of knowledge of higher worlds and the profound but subtle shifts within – man am I grateful! and my family. The mission I need to do: read more steiner and make rough draft for a course for my clients who need more support and help than coaching can give.

  5. Cynthia Hoven

    Gradtitude Mission Day 1: Powerfully grateful for daily morning walks along the America River, is all seasons. Beautiful to greet the day in silence, each and every day. Grateful for sunrises. This season, grateful for the cold frosty mornings, causing the soil to open up so it will be beautifully aerated in the spring, and the harmful pests will be eliminated in this cold.

  6. Cynthia Hoven

    Mission3, day2. Today I feasted my heart by celebrating the joy of life with those I love. I am grateful for my husband, patient, kind and utterly committed to his work and our life together. I am grateful that my daughter chose us to be her parents. (!) And I am grateful for a whole circle of profound friends who share dreams, wisdom and vision with me as we walk this journey together.

  7. Cynthia Hoven

    Mission3,Day 3. I am grateful for my daughter returning lovely and light from a trip that made her glad. I am grateful for the Yippies that pass through our home, filling it with great energy! And lastly, for my comic effect, I am grateful that kitty litter clumps: how magical!

  8. Cynthia Hoven

    Mission3,Day3: Today I glowed with gratitude that mirrored the glow of the sunshine lighting up the trees at sunrise. I give thanks for the machine-beings that powered my drive up the mountain in my car. And for the silky black body fur of my beautiful black lab.!

  9. Ben Klocek

    Day 1: The birds at the feeder out my window, my relationship to plants, awareness of inner life.

  10. Keenan Hand

    Thanksgiving Day 1: Generous people, groups that come together out of freedom, my partner in life.

  11. Morgan Elizabeth Heringer

    my action was to set the habit of sleeping from 8:30pm-5:30am every night, and to set my meditation rhythms around that. i think thats pretty much the hugest thing ive ever done for myself.

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